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  • Start saving money on your school fees commitments
  • We will show you how an SFIA school fees plan will increase your current and future wealth
  • Our history and experience dates back over 60 years to 1952
  • We have a National network of specialists
  • SFIA can help you make your school fees more manageable

Since the company's original formation in 1952, we have helped provide an independent education for tens of thousands of children.

We are recognised as a leading authority on this subject.

Why Choose SFIA

There is nobody else in the marketplace that can offer the experience, specialisation and range of solutions we offer - read more

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Pay Less Tax - SFIA

Pay Less Tax
We offer our clients many opportunities to reclaim and reduce future tax paymentsSFIA

Pension Plan - SFIA

Pension Plan
Often without any extra monthly cost, you can build a pension fund and pay off your feesSFIA

Free Consultation - SFIA

Free Consultation
Contact us to
arrange a FREE consultation at a place of your choice SFIA

Case Studies - SFIA

Case Studies
Review examples
of how we construct holistic financial plans for our clients  SFIA